Effective immediately, orders must be placed directly through each of the brands below.

347.974.2127 | support@askewdesign.com
place orders by emailing support@askewdesign.com

214.997.3583 | support@frenchbluedesigns.com
place orders at frenchbluedesigns.com/order

615.669.7471 | support@hickspapergoods.com
place orders at hickspapergoods.com/order

405.345.RUBY | support@rubyjunecelebrates.com
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404.692.1997 | support@twistpaper.com
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469.554.8222 | support@whitneyenglish.com
place orders by emailing support@whitneyenglish.com

Clearance inventory is available for purchase at Paper-Sale.com using coupon code Wh0ls2l3 for 55% off MSRP.